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Vossen Forged Glasurit Yas Marina Blue BMW F12 650i


Vossen Forged recently debuted their BMW 650i M-Sport at BimmerFest in California earlier this month.  When adding the Prior Design widebody kit it gave them the opportunity to do a color change they truly wanted.   They hired Ultimate Auto in Orlando, FL to work with them on selecting a color to set this project off.   Since it is a BMW they selected our Glasurit 90-Line waterborne paint system and the color Glasurit Yas Marina Blue for the exterior.   We have to say this vehicle turned out beautiful!

Forgstar RWB Porsche 964 911 turbo painted BASF Glasurit Guards Red


Vince Wong has always been an enthusiast at heart starting the iForged Wheel brand over 10 years ago. He also has another wheel line brand called Forgstar. Vince wanted to build something high end with the latest trends so he chose two Porsche builds. After contacting world famous RWB, they decided to take a 1988 Porsche 911 G50 and do a long hood backdate conversion (first one on North America) then added a RWB widebody kit painted Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne Guards Red. The second car is a 1989 Porsche 964 911 Coupe he also added the RWB widebody kit too and painted with our Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne Guards Red. Here are some pictures below and we look forward to the debut on Friday. Stay tuned.


RWB LA Backdate progress. 4 more days before the unveiling of both cars at LTMW. Front bumper and rear bumper on. Front and rear flares complete.


Big Oak Garage – 1965 Dodge Dart painted Glasurit Green with Envy


Must be the year of the Mopar in Ridler competition as Willie and Charlotte Maise brought out there 1965 Dodge Dart built by Big Oak Garage. Another car we don’t see often in these ranks but once again an incredible well done effort. The hot rod does feature 42 one-off machined parts and many custom sheetmetal changes. A second generation supercharged 392 Hemi backed up by a Tremec six-speed provides the performance punch. Paint comes by way of BASF Glasurit 90-Line Green with Envy Paint. The Mopar rolls around on one-off Schott wheels (SL65) and the car features a functional and performance oriented interior by M&M Hot Rod Interiors.  Credit: Brian Brennan-